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Hellion Patch 0.1.10

Hellion patch 0.1.10 has been released on Steam.

New features / improvements

Life Support Air Filter changes – Air Filtering now properly activates once air quality drops below 90%. Air Filtering Units in LS Nodes now correctly affect the speed of air filtration. Additionally, multiple LS Nodes can now filter air simultaneously provided that the central Air Filtering unit can handle it. If there is not enough filtering power available, LS nodes will activate sequentially according to the priority list.
Life Support parameters Tweaks – Tweaked the amount of oxygen consumed when Air Filter is operational.
Vent resources from cargo – Added vent option on the cargo UI. To vent unwanted resources drag the resource that you want onto the VENT icon on the UI. Interface with a slider and confirmation option will pop up.
Weapon tweaks and zero-g recoil – Tweaked and corrected various weapon parameters. Added recoil when firing in zero-g. As a result firing in zero-g will cause character to move.
Changed gravity settings in Airlocks - All airlock pressurization chambers are now in zero-g by default.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Client crash or force close - while in cryo player will be stuck in alt look/cryo pose
Fixed: Pilot panel crash after missing warp
Fixed: Docking multiple modules - not all air generators are shown on panels
Fixed: After warp, docking panel not showing docking target of module
Fixed: Door state not saved on persistence (Doors are unlocked)
Fixed: Multiple fixes when two ships are docked airlock to airlock like: inverted controls, missing piloting HUD, etc.
Fixed: Removing suit with items in pockets caused parts to be glued to your feet
Fixed: Radar not showing the position of the target (on the UI line) after relogging
Fixed: After warp ship/modules rotating (like asteroids did)
Fixed: Match velocity is now a single key press
Fixed: Standing on item and panel interact makes character fall through the ground
Fixed: While locked to ship’s docking panel pressing alt tab and back will zoom camera to panel too much
Fixed: Entering wrong server password should not let you create a character on that server
Fixed: Ship grappling port is wrongly called Port1 on ship
Fixed: FTL drive status (online/offline) real time update on navigation panel
Fixed: Item locker sliding door should not trigger/close when picking up an item from the rack
Fixed: Invert mouse option affecting panels
Fixed: Controls submenu scale with lower resolutions
Fixed: Fog after scanning (Purple Haze) drastically lowers game fps

Known Bugs List:

Posted on April 6th, 2017 10:07 AM EST