Due to lack of information about the query protocol of Hellion, we cannot query servers to get player count, version etc...
For the moment we can only check if servers are online or not.

Hellion Patch 0.1.11

Hellion patch 0.1.11 will be released on April 13 on Steam.

New features / improvements

Docking interface rework – Completely overhauled the docking UI. Radar was added to help with orientation. Added visual (bar) and numerical indicators for rotation angle, directional speed and lateral speed (vertical and horizontal). Overall with the new system docking should be much more user friendly, as there is no longer any “eyeballing” of speed and offset.
Ship spawn ant outpost tweak – New ships at random outposts are now called by activating outpost’s distress signal function. ENV monitors will show “rescue ship inbound” with a proper timer once distress call is activated. Default timer is set to 30min from activating a distress call. Keep in mind that a new ship will not spawn if there already is a ship near the outpost.

For private servers – added option to manually adjust ship arrival timer in server config by using:
Command for private servers
Note: Time is in seconds, default time is 30min.

EVA helmet tweak – EVA helmet can be taken off and placed inside a secondary slot on the suit
Windowed mode tweak – Added option to resize the window when playing in windowed mode
Looting dead characters - pressing L when looking at a dead character will bring up a menu with lootable items
Changed dead character despawning mechanics and timers – when a dead character despawns all items are removed with the body. Despawn timers are as follows:
- when all items have been looted from the body – 5min
- when inside the random outpost - 30min
- when outside of ship/module – 3h
- when inside ship/module – 24h

Added airlock function to ship’s cargo hold – It is now possible to pressurize/depressurize the ship’s cargo bay
Mining canisters now show proper notification when full -
Helmet UI improvements - helmet HUD automatically hides when interacting with a panel. It will only show low oxygen warning as necessary

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Optimized FPS when docking multiple modules. Overall, players should experience little or no FPS loss after docking one or more modules.
Fixed: Removing suit with items in pockets
Fixed: Picking up suit with items in it
Fixed: Undocking ship from other ship (Airlock to Airlock) ship HUD disappears
Fixed: Directional and Lateral Speed – Correction when multiple objects in range
Fixed: Radar / Dir, Lat and position not showing after relog in space
Fixed: Sound / Missing LS node sound on ship
Fixed: Match target velocity / 2x ships
Fixed: Module / PSM not showing correct name on DS list
Fixed: Cargo interface / Air Generator Oxygen Tank rename
Fixed: Missing ship registration number on radar
Fixed: Choose spawn point bug

Known Bugs List:

Posted on April 12th, 2017 12:55 PM EST